Quite appropriate that I am sitting here at 5.30am trying to finish this blog, which should have been finished yesterday because it is going on the website today, and the theme of the blog is ‘time’.

Or lack of time.

I am now 55 years of age, I know, I can hear you thinking Sarah, you don’t look 55! Believe me, it’s only the fat plumping out the wrinkles that makes me look younger. Anyway, I digress, back to the point, which is that I have never been as busy as I am now. Like so many women nowadays I have numerous roles, and sometimes, often actually, I struggle to fit everything in.
Obviously being a Mum / Nan is my priority. If my family need me they come first, every time. I am a business woman (oohI like the sound of that!) and an artist (that too!) Included in ‘artist’ are glass artist and writer, (we’ll come back to that soon). Included in business woman are: maker, seller, teacher, marketer, book keeper, stock controller, cleaner, networker, the list goes on. I am an employee, I have a role an FE college where I work three days a week and when I am there my role is to focus on my job and give my bosses the best of me.  Then of course I am a housekeeper, cook, cleaner, laundress, taxi driver, shopper, etc. (you know the score).

There are many things I have given up to fit all of the above into my life;  television – I probably watch 1 to 2 hours per week at the most, reading – sadly, I only get to read 1 to 2 hours a week and when I am on holiday, my social life has diminished, and also my singing, (I only get to do this in the shower and the car (loudly) these days). I was a member of the lovely Kibworth Ladies Choir for a year but again sadly I had to leave when I launched my business.
I know why I get so tired that I need to be in bed my 9.00pm. I don’t know how I do it some days, and there have been days when I don’t, I have been known to collapse and fall asleep on the sofa at 4.00pm on a Friday, to say sod it to the housework leaving it until tomorrow, to just take a day off because I desperately need a break, to take the girls out to dinner, because I can’t face cooking.

When my children were little I had the luxury of not having to work so I could indulge myself with studying, cake baking, charity work and writing. When my marriage ended twenty years ago I went to University to study Drama, more self indulgence and lots of free time. After graduating I ran a theatre company and socialised 5 nights a week for a few years, even more self indulgence. When my daughter got pregnant with my first grandchild it was time to grow up, to get a full time job and start acting my age, but even then I had time to ‘do nothing’, evenings and weekends were mine to do what I wanted to do.
The hardest thing about this busy life I now lead is that I don’t get time to write. I started writing a book almost 5 years ago, I’m desperate to finish it and get it ready to be published. When I launched my glass art as a business last year I decided to take two years off from my writing. But it’s there every day, in the back of my mind, nagging at me. So I don’t think it is going to be possible to take two years off, and I know that to fit writing back into my routine, something else will have to go.

On a positive note, although I don’t sit down much between 6.00am and 8.00pm, it might seem that I don’t get a lot of time to relax, but I do.  When I make my glass art I am in a good place and it is an extremely relaxing place. And on the odd occasion I do get to write, that too is a good and relaxing place, so I think I am very lucky to have these activities in my life, albeit not enough time to do them.